The wind blows wherever it pleases...       John 3:8
Mike Leno
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Monthly Archives: February 2015

By Mike Lenoterrorist

Newscasters can deliver the most horrible news in the most routine way. But even the most skillful reporters could not smooth over the latest example of barbaric cruelty by the group known as ISIS; the self-identified “Islamic State.” I will not describe what they did to a Jordanian pilot. If you don’t know already, I urge you to put it out of your mind. Suffice it to say, describing ISIS as a violent terrorist group is a gross understatement; like saying that serial killers are sort of naughty.

In the words of Hosea, “They sow the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind.” And predictably, Jordan has responded with a whirlwind of airstrikes and promises to rain down final destruction on the terrorist perpetrators. But another thought also emerged in my troubled mind. This is not our fight. Continue reading