The wind blows wherever it pleases...       John 3:8
Mike Leno
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Monthly Archives: January 2015

By Mike Lenoimage

A Facebook friend recently posted this portrait of Jesus, who in spite of a darkened complexion (the lighting perhaps), exhibits Caucasian features, styled hair and a trimmed beard. His bluish eyes do have a certain intensity and the overall effect seems quite dramatic. But you don’t have to be a historian to realize that this is not how Jesus appeared in the 1st century. I’m guessing, however, that historical accuracy is not what the artist was going for. And we can sympathize. It must be extremely difficult to create a Jesus that appeals to everyone.

In good humor, my friend added the caption, “Kenny Loggins, perhaps?” I saw the real Kenny Loggins at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago. And although he’s in his 60’s—it’s been nearly 30 years since his popular album photos were published—I suppose there are worse models for the face of Jesus. Continue reading